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important ship tropes:

  • fake dating
  • SECRET dating
  • being locked in a room or trapped in a small space
  • finishing each other’s sentences, KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER IS ABOUT TO SAY
  • tou chi NG!!!! FOr eheA DS!!!!!!11!!
  • wearing each other’s clothes
  • doing that thing where they accidentally get real close and, like, stare meaningfully at each other for a few seconds too long
  • channeling the inner romcom and having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE
  • fucking. Now or Never Kiss
  • defending each other to scathing tertiary or otherwise minor characters but ONLY WHEN THE OTHER ISN’T AROUND
  • reincarnation or time loop or OOOOH TIME TRAVEL SCENARIOS
  • dramatically saving each other from certain death or barely surviving something that almost makes the other break down and just smirking wearily and mumbling flippant smartass remarks to HIDE THE DEPTH OF THEIR FEELINGS
  • undercover as lovers, the classic
  • ALMOST KISSING. like getting so close that they start to close their eyes and hold their breath and then SOMETHING HAPPENS and they jump apart, that is MORE VALUABLE THAN ANY ACTUAL KISSING
  • casually sitting on each other’s laps during ensemble cast conversations or scenes
  • did i mention F AKE DATinG


(Source: brella)

Gay Chicken


[Alfred snickers, wanting to tickle Feliciano seriously.] Still… I’ll wait ‘til we get back to the hotel room—but then you better watch yourself! ‘Cause once I get my hands on you, I’m not gonna stop until you beg me! [He laughed, folding his arms and grinning as if it was cool that he threatening to tickle the heck out of his friend] Right! We’ll be better in the future, I’m sure of it. Today’s not a day to forget, and we’re only just gettin’ started!

[He cocked his head.] “Only redeeming feature”..? [That didn’t really sound very cheerful. But then it was time for them to catch their ride, and Feliciano zapped away. Alfred laughed, hurrying after his lightning-quick companion.] You’re so fast! That’s amazing! [He clambered into the cup, grinning broadly with admiration of the Italian’s speed.]

[Feliciano squeaks and whines, lightly batting at Alfred’s arms.] Aaaaal! You won’t catch me! [He huffs- but by the time they get back to the room, he’ll have forgotten all about the threat.]

Aheh, you think so? [He’s puffing up a tiny bit in pride- at least he’s got speed and agility, even if not strength. Alfred’s question makes him hum pensively, pouting a little.] Ah, I heard someone say that about me once. But even Ludi scolded me for not using it to my advantage back then, ah… Oh! Get ready to spin! [He grabs the wheel, determined to help, even though Alfred’s strength will likely make this easy.]


[He grins and kisses him quickly as he helps him to the bedroom, one eye carefully watching the slipping towel for the change to get a peek of what’s underneath.  He already wants to ravish the younger Italian again, but hey, there’s nothing new about that.]  Of course I am. I like seeing you like that…I wish I didn’t have to go so long without it sometimes.  [He smiles slightly to take away whatever sting his words might have.]

[They finally make it to the bedroom and Lovino gently pushes him to the bed, pressing a long, slow, sensual kiss to his lips before pulling back reluctantly.]  I’ll be right back, okay? Five minutes, tops.  [Casting his brother’s body one last glance, he hurried from the room, only to return within the promised five minutes.]  I set two timers, just in case.

Soon, amore, we’ll get to be together enough so you won’t miss me. [He gently kisses Lovino before he’s led upstairs, happily settling down and eagerly returning that kiss with hints of passion.] I’ll wait patiently~

[While Lovino’s gone, Feliciano tosses the towel aside and makes himself comfortable, bare and relaxed on the bed, stretching a little to try and ease his body for what was to come. When Lovino returns, he smiles enticingly and purrs a greeting.] Welcome back, ‘Vino! And good thinking~


[He hums softly and runs his fingers through his brother’s hair, letting his lips wander lightly over the younger Italian’s face.  They aren’t quite kisses, but he doesn’t even want to try to keep his hands or lips off his lover.]  Ah, that’s good…especially since they’re all for you, amore.  I love how happy they make you too…

[He smiles again and finally pulls back, slipping his hand into Feliciano’s instead to start heading back home.]  Si, I like that idea.  Then we don’t have to worry about how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the couch.

Then, let’s head back~! [He’s reluctant to pull away from all the kisses and touches, but once Lovino does it for him and holds his hand, he squeezes his hand in return and tugs at him, leading the way home.] We both could use some rest and downtime… And a movie’s a good thing to fall asleep to!

[As he leads Lovino along, he hums gently and leans onto him happily, enjoying the stillness of the night. It really had gotten late!] It’s so lovely out at night here… The stars are easy to see.


[He lets out a little chuckle, wrapping his arms around Feliciano and pressing a little kiss to his lips.]  Bene.  Don’t worry, it would take an act of God to get me to stop teasing you.  [He smiles and kisses him, gently tugging him to his feet and wrapping an arm around him]  Let’s go now, okay?  Then I’ll come pop these in and join you.

[He kisses his cheek again, his heart pounding with some excitement—he loves how loud his brother is, and half the time he wishes he could record those wonderful sounds for the nights his beautiful lover is back in his own part of the country.]  Ti amo, Feli…

[Feliciano laughs at Lovino’s words, before shakily standing up when he’s tugged up.] An act of God, huh? Good to know you’re so determined to rile me up. [He leans and cuddles against Lovino contentedly and hums.]

Ti amo, tesoro… Nn, let’s hurry to bed~ That way the pizza can start cooking sooner too. [He’s pink and excited as well, towel starting to slip down his hips. If he knew what Lovino was thinking, then he’d even let him record a video- Feliciano’s a bit if an exhibitionist.]


That’s important too, you know…  [He smiles and settles his arms more comfortably around his brother’s waist, giving a soft hum of appreciation at the warmth of his lover in his arms.]  Do I? I’m glad…If you didn’t feel like that, I might have to give you more space, and I don’t want to.  [He smiles and kisses him playfully, giving him a quick squeeze.]

[He blushes at Feliciano’s response to his yawn, but smiles slightly and nods.]  Yeah, that sounds good…Why don’t we put on a movie and cuddle until we fall asleep or something.  [He doesn’t usually suggest such sappy things, but he doesn’t really want to let got of Feli now as it is.]

I’m just glad I can do something productive… I can help us have lots of fresh food that way~ And sell the rest. [He relaxes contentedly into Lovino’s arms and hums.] And don’t worry, caro, I love it when you spoil me like this~ Your hugs and kisses are best.

That sounds wonderful… A nice movie and snuggling is good. We can use the TV in the bedroom so we can be nice and cozy while we watch.

Gay Chicken


Yeah! I mean, I guess it’d be bad if I made you too noisy around other people, huh? That could be kinda embarrassing—especially if we got shushed, y’know? [Carries on, not at all paying attention to what he’s saying.]

Mhmm… It’s wild how fast time seems go to… I bet it’ll feel even faster when I get older. So we’ve just gotta be more careful in the future not to let time get away from us the same way, huh?

[Alfred laughs, casting a nervous glance at the woman’s back.] Yeah… I didn’t really mean it, obviously… But yeah I guess I should watch what I say a little better. [He leaned close, cupping his hand and whispering into Feli’s ear.] Not that it matters~ Our legs are longer than her kids’ so we don’t have to worry about them stealin’ our cup.

[Feliciano’s still amused, and leans on Alfred briefly with a laugh before humming.] I don’t think we’d get shushed- I just get really squeaky and it’s embarrassing… [He’s pink in the cheeks as he says it, and hums.] But si~ Let’s not forget each other so long this time. [He laughs a bit.] I like being with you, though, so I won’t forget to come visit now and then.

[The fact Al is whispering to him sends a jolt down his spine, but his actual words just make him grin.] Oh, I’m not worried about that~ No one can outrun me! My only redeeming feature’s my fast feet, you know. We’ll get that cup for sure! [As if on cue, it’s their turn, and Feliciano zooms and hops into that teacup so quickly it’s astonishing. He sits rather proudly in his new conquest.] Come in, hurry~!

Gay Chicken


Aww! I wanna hear the noises! [Alfred pouted, but dropped his hands anyway. He didn’t wanna tease too much.]

[He smiled, patting Feli’s shoulder.] Yeah. I’m really glad about it too! It’s a lotta fun—can’t believe we haven’t really hung out in so long!

Okay! Get ready to sprint as soon as the gates open! Throw kids out of the way if you have to! [He was kidding, but it didn’t stop a rather angry looking mother from giving him a ferocious glare over her shoulder. He apologized quickly, trying to appease her, but it only made her turn back around with a huff. He giggled nervously, looking sheepishly at Feli.] Whoops…

[Feliciano turned pink and bit his lip, laughter in his eyes.] You want to hear me make noises… [He says it a bit slowly, as if he’s trying to avoid bursting into giggles. What a funny choice of words~ It sounded so suggestive!]

It really has been ages- time really does fly for us, huh? I guess what must feel like a few weeks or months to us can be years or decades in reality…

[He actually does burst into giggles when Al gets himself in trouble with that angry mother, although he does step closer to Al almost protectively, just in case things were to escalate. He likes to think he’s good with people, particularly calming them down. But luckily, it doesn’t escalate, and he hums.] Maybe not throwing kids out of the way, tesoro, but we can still run. [He beams at Al in amusement and laughs again.] Just be careful what you say around mama bears~


Arthur flushed at the comment, “Yes, thank you..” He’d forgotten to even ask if it was alright with Feliciano that he’d just gone searching through his drawers for pants. It must have seemed terribly rude. Not that he wasn’t already being rude, demanding some morning tea in the place of a regular Italian coffee, but somethings held priority over social convention. He at least thanked Feliciano for the tin (and for putting on a kettle, bless him) as he rummaged around bags with labels that could probably be switched with a few of the flower shop’s without anyone noticing. 

He pulled out a mug and dropped his chosen bag in, taking to leaning against the counter to watch Feliciano dance around the kitchen and cook something that was starting to smell divine. He would have let himself stay there, savoring the scent of a good home cooked meal had he not noticed Feliciano wincing when he stretched or turned a certain way. Feliciano had finished cooking before Arthur noticed the accompanied limp and realized the problem. He knew it. He’d been too rough.

Frowning at his own negligence, Arthur pushed himself off the counter  and crossed the floor to wrap his arms around Feliciano from behind. He rested his head on the other man’s shoulder and murmured, “Why don’t you go sit down, Love? I’ll bring out the food and plates.” He kissed an apology onto the back of Feliciano’s neck and let his fingers drift around his hips and navel.

Feliciano liked to buy oversized sweatpants since he only ever wore them at home, so luckily it meant that it had no trouble fitting over Arthur’s larger build. He didn’t mind his lover wearing them at all, really, if anything, the warmth in his eyes indicated that he found it endearing.

He was surprised to find Arthur’s arms around his waist, though, and he turned a bright and happy pink to feel Arthur’s chin resting on his shoulder. The kiss made him melt and shiver in delight, any protests he had instantly dying in his throat, and he stammered. “S-Si, si, I’ll sit,” he murmured. Feliciano could be a handful, for sure, but whenever he was spoiled with affection, he tended to do as he was told without complaint or fuss.

He turned his head to kiss Arthur’s cheek with a smile, before pouring himself some coffee and juice to drink and carrying it to the table, and taking a seat. He sat a bit gingerly, hips sore and uncooperative, but soon found a comfortable way to sit. “Well,” he said with a little laugh as he sat. “I think that was a pretty successful date, wasn’t it~?” he said, with a beam.


[He laughs softly, content to just stand here with his lover exchanging soft words and small kisses.]  I don’t know about that…You work pretty hard yourself, no?  I don’t always mean it when I give you such a hard time about your paperwork, you know…

[He blushes at the enthusiastic reaction, but it’s just so like his brother that he can’t help but smile and hold him closer after throwing out the empty gelato cup.]  I…Yeah, I guess I can’t argue with that…  [He laughs softly and rests his forehead gently against Feliciano’s, taking a deep breath to take in his scent and hum softly in approval.]  I’m never going to let you wither, either.  You’re too wonderful…  [He yawns suddenly, making him blush at how much it seems to disrupt the mood.]

Si, but… I feel like you do more than I do. [He hums a little and gives him plenty more soft kisses.] I don’t like paperwork, but I try my best- I just like working the land and tending to the gardens better.

[He melts when Lovino holds him closer, and he snuggles contentedly into him, nuzzling Lovino when their foreheads press together.] You’re so sweet, tesoro…! D-Dio, even after all this time you still make my heart feel like it’s going to burst from happiness…

[Lovino’s yawn, though, makes him laugh, and he kisses Lovino’s nose playfully.] Maybe we should head home and get to bed, tesoro. You seem tired!


I only tease you because I love you, you know.  I wouldn’t say it to anyone else.  [His smile is more affectionate that time, and he quickly brings over the lemonade and pecks his brother on the cheek.]  Don’t worry about it so much, caro.  It’s my fault you’re so sore…I hope you took some time off, because I don’t know if you’ll be able to get out of bed after today.  [Despite the teasing words, there’s genuine concern in his expression.]

A-anyway, si, I guess that is the good thing about thin crust…It’s almost done, so I’ll put it in the oven and set the timer, okay?  Then we can go back to bed.  I’m not going to kick you out of bed for getting crumbs in it, no?  [He grins, hopefully lightening the mood as he spreads the dough and begins sprinkling the toppings on.] 

[Feliciano giggles and smiles over at Lovino, nuzzling him when his brother brings over his lemonade.] I don’t mind your teasing, caro. [He’s pink as he admits it- in fact, he quite likes being teased. It means Lovino’s giving him attention and intending to rile him up!] Ah? I won’t be able to get out of bed? [He’s scarlet but grinning, and he murmurs.] Well, as long as you’re with me, I won’t mind at all~

Si! Make sure the timer’s loud. [He hums a little to himself, watching Lovino prepare the pizza.] Um, otherwise we might not, ah. Hear it. [He’s flustered now, fully aware of how noisy he gets in bed.]


You’re right, I’m not.  [He tosses a little smirk over his shoulder, his gaze warm despite the roaming gaze.  He turns back to the food again, humming softly as he works.] Ti amo, Feliciano.

[He nods in acknowledgement, splitting the dough.]  In that case, I’ll make two with thin crust.  Ah…You can try to get it if you want, or I can take care of it…I’m supposed to be pampering you today, no?  [He smiles as he spreads the dough, wishing he could cross the room and kiss his lover right now, but food isn’t something he can just walk away from.]

Meanie! I knew it! [Despite his words, though, his eyes are twinkling with amusement and delight at his brother. The roaming gaze Lovino slides over his body, though, makes him turn pink and feel a little more hot and bothered.] A-Anch’io ti amo, tesoro… Even though you tease me a lot~

Thin crust is perfect! It’s my favorite, after all, since it helps highlight the other parts of it just as much~ It’s important for the flavors to be balanced. [He does try to get up to get the lemonade, but he shivers and quickly sits back down, hips aching.] A-Ah-ah-ah, it’s sore… Dispiace, tesoro, I can’t get it myself. [He seems a bit flustered over his failed attempt at standing.]


[Lovino smiles and gives his hand a quick squeeze, gently returning the kisses.]  Ah…I’m so glad to hear that, caro.  I don’t know what I ever would have done without you…  [A slight frown crosses his lips at the thought, but he quickly shakes it off and kisses his temple.]

[He keeps his arm wrapped around his brother, and luckily, no one seems to be giving them too much attention that might make them uncomfortable.]  I’m looking forward to it, carino.  Maybe if we’re already together, we can plan more vacations and such…  [He smiles and leans down to kiss the younger brunet again.]  Si, they do.  They’s so beautiful and sweet, just like you…

[Feliciano’s more than happy to relax in Lovino’s hold, since the evening is peaceful and they are alone in the gardens, giving them plenty of privacy as they speak and kiss.] More vacations sound lovely… You work so hard, tesoro, you need them more than I do.

[He returns the kiss happily, before turning a bright pink and looking incredibly flattered by Lovino’s praise.] Amoreee! You’re too kind to me! [He’s delighted though, giggling and cuddling up close, but letting Lovino finish his gelato.] A garden is nothing without someone kind and sweet to help it grow and protect it from harm~ So I guess I only get to be this vibrant when you’re with me. [He gives Lovino a tender look.]


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Don’t imagine them growing old together because one day

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