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Gay Chicken


Oh! That’s really cool! I guess I could be a legend too if I stayed in the country. As is I’m just kinda a teenager that lives alone in a big city. But either way it’s a lot of fun I guess. I’m excited to meet the villagers you live with. 
That’d be really super cool! I’ll probably research stuff on dogs after I get back from Italy. It’s so exciting~!

[Alfred laughs at Feli’s disappointment.] Yeahh the rides aren’t ever long enough, are they? [Alfred hums, thinking about what he would choose next. They were let off the ride, and he walks close to Feli as they left the ride area.] What if we hit up the teacups? You can see the Hatter’s thing over there.

I guess it’s easier to hide in a big city, after all. [He hums, considering it, until they’re let out of the ride, and he gets up and stretches, his shirt riding up a little to show some of his stomach before he finishes stretching.] It is a lot of fun! It’s nice, to have a sort of bond with the town, and know everyone well. It is a little sadder, though. [His voice gets soft at that, but as they walk, he sticks close to Al and cuddles up to his side.]

The teacups? Ah, those are the spinning ones, right? [He suddenly lights up, grinning.] Since you’re so strong, with both of us working together we could probably make it spin really really fast! Let’s go! [He’s suddenly bouncing and grinning, excited to try this out, and he takes Alfred’s hand and eagerly tugs him along by it towards the Hatter’s ride.


"Hm? Oh, yes, it’s fine, fine." His groggy mind dragged the French into his Italian, making his words sound gagged and and slow. He cleared his throat and corrected his tongue, "Sorry. I meant it’s fine. Just an irritating co worker." He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, deciding to bear with his new headache and just sleep.

His fingers in Feliciano’s hand squeezed back and tried to coax the other back with him as he fell back into the comforter. “More sleep.” He agreed.

Feliciano hummed a little, adjusting the sheets and quilt around them so that Arthur was back under the covers with him, and he squeezed that hand he held in his before kissing him sweetly, then nuzzling his cheek. “Aw… I’m sorry, caro. Rest some more, okay?” he murmured sympathetically. He’d luckily never had the misfortune of having a bad coworker, but he could imagine how it must feel.

He cuddled back up to his lover and settled down, glad the blinds were still pulled and the lights were still off, so they could easily drift back down into sleep without worry of being woken before they were well ready. “Si, sleep… let’s sleep,” he mumbled tiredly, before tucking his head back under Arthur’s chin again and shutting his eyes, breathing slow, deep, and even.


"Let it ring." He wasn’t ready to get up. It was too damned early, even for Arthur, and he was not about to oblige whoever had the audacity to make a work call with at six in the God damned morning. Arthur was just going to go back to sleep and enjoy that his only work obligation was in the late afternoon and hope the call wasn’t anything important.

The ringing stopped eventually and he was able to relax again and squeeze his eyes shut and— it started ringing again. He moaned out an apology to Feliciano and rolled away to the edge of the bed so he could pick through the clothes on the floor and find the phone in the pocket of his trousers. The name Francis flashed across his screen and he Arthur’s mood darkened significantly, “I should have you shot for this.” he hissed into the phone.

Arthur was, unfortunately, fluent in French and carried on the conversation in a sharp tone, “Twice, in the head. I-! Was there a reason you called? Yes, Venice. Fine. It was fine. If this is all you called to ask me-…Yes. We’ve arranged a meeting. Is that it? Yes, I’ll get you the details after. I told you it was fine!” He hung up abruptly, before Francis could ask him how his Valentines had gone one more time. Arthur sat at the edge of the bed, trying to rub away the Francis-induced headache through his temples.

Feliciano whined softly when Arthur let it ring, but he tried to block the sound out until it finally stopped and let him cuddle his lover a little more, nuzzling him sleepily and trying to get at least a couple more hours of sleep before starting the day. But the moment it rang again, he whimpered and only got even fussier when Arthur left, leaving him with a tiny shiver as he tried to wrap himself in the warmth Arthur left behind.

He watched in sleepy, bleary-eyed confusion as Arthur spoke fluent French into the phone, and he got some of it, but only some. “Tesoro… I didn’t know you spoke French,” he hummed softly as Arthur sat down after hanging up. “I only know a bit, since some relatives I know speak French,” he mumbled, before reaching out towards him, gently tugging him by the hand.

"What’s wrong? Is everything alright?" he murmured softly. "…will you come back to bed?"


With the comfort of having someone warm and wonderful and…well, comfortable wrapped around him, Arthur fell asleep quickly. By morning, they’d shifted enough for Arthur to end up on his back with his head turned away from Feliciano and the window that let in the dim morning light. It still woke him.

With a deep sigh, he peeked at the clock, deciding that it would be an atrocity to get up and and tried to settle back into the sheets. Arthur breathed in, not knowing of the smell of roses came from Feliciano himself or the room around him, but only that he liked it and that it was helping him relax. Of course his phone had to go off at that moment, shrieking and obnoxious with the tone he set for business calls only.

Arthur let out a very audible groan and tried to bury himself back into the smell of roses and how warm Feliciano was and how much he did not want to leave the bed.

Feliciano was peacefully asleep, head nestled on Arthur’s chest as the other man slept, his body pressed up to Arthur’s side for warmth as they rested. He was content, calm and pleased to be with his- lover? He didn’t know what to call Arthur, only that he’d been one very lovely person and a very successful date.

He was sleeping well, at least until Arthur’s phone went off. He flinched a little, not used to such a harsh wake-up call, and he whined softly at the blaring ringing before trying to bury his face further into Arthur’s chest. He tugged up the covers a little more, trying to cover his ears and block up the noise, giving pitiful sounding whimpers. 

Feliciano didn’t take well to being woken up so early, especially after such a wonderful night. “Carooo,” Feliciano whined softly, voice still faint with sleep. “Make it stoooop.”

Gay Chicken


I was so betrayed! I thought we were friends and he left! There was nothing I could do! [Alfred grins, warmed by the look on Feliciano’s face.] Thanks! It’s all for you!

Yeah… I think I probably should… But being in the city is pretty fun, too! My apartment’s really nice, and I have a couple garages for my cars. It’s really wonderful. It’s a lot easier than taking care of an entire ranch, too… But still… Most of the people where I live don’t know. Even if I tell them they only remember long enough for a short conversation, y’know what I mean? Yes! Totally get a dog! I’ll get one too!

Heh heh~ I bet I will, yeah~! [Alfred hangs on to the ride the entire time, but he is laughing and whooping as well. Rollercoasters are a blast! He grins around at their surroundings, swaying in his seat as the ride sings to the pair of them.] Good choice on this one, man.

Really? That’s so different from where I live! I’m sort of a local legend, I’ve lived there so long, aheh… I was around to see so many of them born and grow up, and every generation that followed. I’m fond of that little town. [He smiles softly, gaze distant and introspective for a moment, before he hums.] Si~ Maybe I will. I’m really tempted, actually… maybe I’ll start searching for a good breeder to get a puppy from.

[Feli’s bright-eyed and delighted the entire ride, enjoying everything from the musical dwarven cave to the twists and zooms of the track, and the when the ride ends he giggles a bit.] Aw, is it over already? [He stretches a bit as he waits for the security bars to unlock.] I’m glad you liked it! How about we take turns? You can choose where we go next!

Gay Chicken


Yeah, so have I. I messed up the first time and the villager left. I was so upset I didn’t play for a week! It was so sad! [Alfred nods, a serious expression on his face.] I’ll take care of all the bugs! Don’t you worry about a thing!  Yup! We had a bunch of them. They were a lot of fun. I miss having farm animals. I had cattle and stuff, too… [His body jerks as Feli pokes him, and he laughs and swats gently at his hand.] Sorry my face is so cute and fluffy~ But hey, dude, dogs are awesome!

Awesome! Lemme know if that changes, yeah? [Alfred laughs, sure Feli would be fine, but unable to resist teasing—after all, Alfred would probably get scared before Feliciano anyway.]

Aww! Me too, I felt so guilty about it. [He whines a bit at the memory, before continuing to look at Alfred like he’s the sun for promising to help him with all the scary bugs. Feli really doesn’t like the bugs.] You’re the best!

Ah, but if you miss it, maybe you should get a home in the country again, so you can get to enjoy that kind of life. I never wanted to leave it, so I still live relatively isolated from other people… but it’s better that way, if only one little town knows who and what I am. [He hums aloud at that, and laughs.] Si~ Dogs are so much fun! Maybe I will get one someday…

Trust me, caro, I think you’d be the first to know… [He laughs sheepishly, cheeks pink- it’s very obvious when Feliciano gets scared, and his friends know full well how shrill his screeches of terror can be. As the ride starts up and starts winding along the tracks at a quick speed, he lights up, the ride just fast enough to be enjoyable but not so much that it was too scary.] Ah~! This is fun! [He holds his hands up on some of the twists, laughing in delight, only to squeak in delight when they get to the cave and hear the dwarves singing. Feli really is a big Disney fan!]

Gay Chicken


I knooooowwww!! The little demons! But they’re so cute… I hate it when they move away. [He flashes another thumbs up.] Of course! I’ll take all the spiders outside! That’s really neato, man! I had chickens and turkeys way back in the day, but it’s been a real long time since then. Mosta my places now are in the city so I can’t have ‘em.

Aah, I gotcha. Those are super cute dogs! [Alfred laughs as well.] ‘Alfredo’ is a cute name too! Man! Having a dog sounds like a great idea now… I wonder why I never got one before.

Yes!! [He’s grinning from ear to ear, looking much like an excited, overgrown child.] Not scared, are you~?

Aaw, si. Seeing them leave is awful! So I’ve been trying my best to keep my favorite ones around. I have a bunch of cats! [He says this with a grin, before giving Alfred a look of adoration at his offer to take the spiders outside.] You’re the best…! I can’t handle lots of spiders or weird bugs, they scare me. You had turkeys? Oh wow, but aren’t those big, caro? They’re huuuge! And now you have me really considering a dog, Alfred! Not fair, making me fall for a cute fluffy face. [He laughs and lightly pokes at Alfred’s side.]

[The question about being scared makes him laugh and he gives Alfred a grin in return, chirping:] No way! I’m not scared at all~! It doesn’t look so bad~ [God forbid he goes on dark or scary rides, though, he’ll be clinging to Al for dear life.]

Gay Chicken


Ah so cool!! I really wanna see your town! Ugh! My villagers always whine at me about stuff! Like dang if they want stuff that much they could put a little more money into it! Totally unfair.
Yeah~ I’m big on animals, too! Spiders don’t really bother me. Ah! That’s so cool! Why do you have the birds? How many d’you have? Will I get to meet ‘em too?

Kind of cute!? I’m super cute, man! [Alfred laughs, patting his own cheek with his free hand.] But yeah it’d totally be cool have a dog. Maybe I’ll do some more research on them and get one sometime soon! I wanna make sure I know what I’m doin’ before I bring an animal into the house. What kinda dog you thinkin’ about? Maybe we can get retrievers together! I’mma name mine “Hero” probably and you can name yours “Alfred” and it’ll be awesome!

Yes! Yes! That’s exactly how I’m feelin’, too! It’s so awesome to be loud and excited with someone instead of just around them! [He smiles, patting Feli’s arm.] Yeah! It’s really awesome.

Yeah! It’s really cool. A lotta times the line looks super long but then it ends up not takin’ super long! I’m really pumped for it. [Finally they are next and Alfred grins at Feli before heading over and gesturing for Feli to take his seat first. Alfred settled in next to him, wiggling excitedly until they were strapped in.]

SiiiI! They never help with paying at all! It’s unfair. [He huffs a little, cheeks puffed up in a pout, before he smiles to hear how Alfred likes animals.] Ah, good! Then I can make you take the spiders outside when I find any. [He giggles a bit, and then chirps in response:] Si~! You will! I have a feeling you’ll like them a lot~ I raise them for the eggs! The town I live near has a lot of restaurants that like fresh eggs, duck and quail and chicken eggs. And I use them to cook, too!

Aheh, si, super cute! [He’s serious too, grinning in playful delight as he considers the thought of a dog.] I think, if I ever got one, I’d get a Maremma. They’re good with livestock, so I know they’ll protect the birds and the land, and they’re fluffy and loving, too. Hero sounds like a cute name~ [He bursts into giggles.] Maybe I’ll name it Alfredo if it’s a boy, because of its cream color coat~

[He hops a little at the pat, just feeling more energy run through him in response to all the positive attention. He’s in such a great mood today! He’s quick to trot after Al and get into the ride, sitting and waiting to be secured in his seat, before he feels the ride start moving.] Ah! Here we go~!

Gay Chicken


Oh sweet! Come on over to the museum! It’ll be awesome. Did you do the museum project? It’s pretty cool. 
Aw~ That’s so cute~!  Cats are really great. I’m a big fan of animals… They’re so neato. What kinda birds d’you have?

[Alfred laughs as Feli plays with his hair.] I guess I can see whatcha mean! I’ve never heard someone say that about me before. It’s kinda cute. Maybe that’s the kinda dog I should get, huh?

I can’t wait to see it. I wanna see everything, okay? [Feli leans on him and only then does Alfred really become aware of how they were standing. They were a lot like the couples he often saw when he came here, and it makes him wonder if people think they’re dating. He shifts his weight from foot to foot, wondering when the last time he had been this close to someone was.] I do, yeah. Ha ha, yeah! We’re pretty compatible. It’s great fun bein’ with you. You’ve gotta a ton of awesome, peppy energy. It’s super awesome not to be the only one excited about stuff.

I did! I’ve done most projects so far for Main Street, but I’m having trouble getting my villagers to recommend the projects I want for my town… I want fairy-tale decorations! And si, cats are fantastic~! I love them so much, animals in general I like.  Except spiders, they scare me. [He shudders at the thought of them (and various other creepy-crawlies) before he perks up at the mention of his birds.] I raise a bunch of different kinds of chickens, some ducks, and quails! 

Aheh, well, you’re kind of cute, so I guess it suits you. If you get a dog, maybe that one would be good for you~ I’ve always wanted a dog, I just never got around to getting one. I want a big fluffy one, for sure!

It’s nice to be with someone who responds to my energy with more~ Aheh, I hadn’t realized it before, but most of my friends are actually rather calm or serious… They usually try to get me to calm and quiet down a little, you know? [He giggles sheepishly, before cuddling up to his friend.] But with you I don’t have to be so afraid of bothering you.

[The line continues to move, and soon enough they’re almost up next.] Ah, we’re close! That was quicker than I thought it would be~ [He seems unperturbed if there’s anyone staring at them- perhaps he’s just used to it, considering he’s overly affectionate with many of his friends and is used to the odd looks. The hostile looks, though… those make him nervous. He hopes he won’t find any of those, today.]

Gay Chicken


Ah~ Yeah, I feel you. I got most of my houses all complete and all the rooms match. I just need to pay off the last bit of my last house and I’ll be totes done! I caught all the fish and bugs and stuff. It’s awesome. [Frowns exaggeratedly as well.] I know! What lame people! This game is super important. [Alfred smiles while Feli tells him about the cat.] She sounds super cute. I can’t wait to meet her! I do? A golden retriever? Really? How come?

Yeah… A lot of places were. [Alfred squeezes Feliciano’s hand when he looks sad, but grins as Feli continues talking.] I can’t wait to see it~ I see pictures and I hear all kinds of awesome things about how pretty it is. I keep meaning to go back, but I haven’t actually gotten to it. [He’s smiling, but his cheeks are warm and he has to look at something other than Feli.] Heh… I’m really glad to hear that! It’s kinda the same for me, y’know. It’s been really sweet hangin’ out with you again. I know it’s not really, y’know, been a lot of time yet, but yeah… it’s fun. [He laughs, looking back at Feli.] Me? Your energy’s wildly contagious, too, y’know!

I still have to find some of the bugs and fish and art, but my fossils are all collected! I should come check out your museum for some hints on how to find them… [He hums in amusement at the reminder of his cat.] She is super cute! She’s small and round and fluffy and she’s very attentive and affectionate. And she can be helpful, too! She helps round up the fowl I raise. My neighbor’s tending to those, too.

Si~! A golden retriever! Because you’ve got the coloration- [He giggles as he says this, reaching up with his free hand and tiptoeing so he can ruffle Al’s hair.] -and the bright energy, and the desire to play with and help people. A goldie~

[The squeeze to his hand helps reassure him and perk him up again, so he can move on in conversation.] It really is beautiful~! We’re so very proud of Italia, and I’ll show you all the reasons why! [Seeing Al look away makes him curious, and he leans against him more heavily as he tries to peek up at Al’s face. His cheeks color pink at the praise.]  You really think so? I’m so glad…! Aheh, I guess we’re just a really good match, personality wise. I’m happy~! Being able to get others happy and excited makes me feel a lot better.

Gay Chicken


Which would be totally excellent! I’m still trying to pay off my fourth house. I took a really long break from playing and then got right back into it a couple weeks ago. But no one really plays anymore and Kiku’s been replaying Okami instead of helping me with my village! [Alfred’s amused by the cuddling. He spends a lot of time with Kiku and Arthur, neither of whom are big on cuddling, so it’s an interesting (and welcome) change.] Oh yeah? I wish I had a pet… I think a cat would be cool, but I dunno if I could really deal with something so standoffish. Maybe I should get a dog? Does she not like your neighbor or is she just missing you? Or~ just a loud kitty?

Exactly that! [Alfred pauses, thinking back on his last visit.] I think… I think I went back like a year after WWII but… I don’t think I’ve been since then. [It’s also a bit depressing to bring up a war in the middle of a theme park, but that’s how life seems to go. He goes back to smiling as the conversation goes on.] I’m sure you’ll be awesome! Yeah! The best time! Americans know how to have fun! [His cheeks lightly pinken at the tone in Feli’s voice and the grin on his face, but he isn’t exactly sure why he’s acting that way.] No problem! I won’t disappoint you.

Nn, I’m still working on trying to get all the furniture I want for all my houses. They’re paid off, but finding furniture you want is hard… [He sighs a little, pouting, before the pout drops and he hums.] Si, I’m kind of sad, most people seem to have moved on. But~ I can still pester everyone to play now and then, so it’s good. [He seems surprised to hear Alfred doesn’t have a cat, and he laughs.] Cats can be so loving, though! Gino’s such a sweet kitty, she gets lonely if she’s left alone too long. So she’s probably just pestering my neighbor for lots of attention~ But I can see you being a good dog owner, too. You kind of remind me of a golden retriever. [He giggles at that.]

Ah, all the way back then… we were still in shambles, then. [He murmurs it a bit quietly, but he perks himself up soon enough.] But we’ve recovered and we’re doing much better now, so…! I can show you the best parts of our home! [He’s content to cuddle the rest of the wait in line, enjoying Alfred’s company, lightly playing with Alfred’s hand in the meantime.] I know you won’t. Just being with you’s enough to make me feel a lot better, you know. [His words are soft but accompanied by a gentle and sincere smile.] You’ve got a very contagious energy!

Gay Chicken


Kick ass! I did too! My town fruit is apples, so I’ve got stuff for you too! We can trade a whole bunch! [Alfred smiles at how energetic and excited Feli is, happier than he’d been in a long time due to the Italian’s infectious nature.] That’s right! It’s best not to even think about it!

Excellent! My phone’s got all kinds of irritating sounds that I stuck on it, so we’re totally set. Two phones and a clock? Yeah. We’ll wake up for certain. All right! [Alfred pumps his fist in the air, completely thrilled about the prospect of the picnic.] I can’t wait! I haven’t been to Italy in… well… a long time. So it’ll be totally super special awesome to go with you!

[Alfred grins, cheeks hurting from the pretty much constant smiling. He smiles a lot on his own anyway, but Feli keeps making them wider, brighter, longer, and it’s wearing his face out.] Okay! I’m counting on you to make it the best damn trip ever~! Excluding this one, of course, because I definitely know how to give a good time!

Great! We’ll both have a lot of bells after that, then! [He’s relieved and glad to see Alfred smiling again, and he cuddles contentedly, rather shameless about his affection with his friends.] Si, and even if we don’t, I’m sure my cat will probably wake us up when she gets hungry! She can be awfully noisy. [He laughs a bit at that, humming.] She’s probably causing my neighbor trouble since he’s looking after her while I’m gone~

'Super special awesome', huh? [He giggles at the over-the-top nature of the comment, but it makes him feel warm.] I'm glad~ How long has it been for you? I can try and plan some nice places to show you, depending on how long it's been. I'll do my best, captain! [He chirps and uses his free hand to salute playfully.] Ah, is that so? A good time? [There's something about the way he says the words that makes him grin mischievously.] I'll hold you to that~

Gay Chicken


I totally do! I absolutely love Animal Crossing! Did you bring it? I wanna see your town! Yeahh… work likes to get in the way of stuff all the time… [He sighs, frowning at the ground for a moment.]

Okay! We’ll set a lot so we’re actually annoyed enough to get up. Ah! That sounds really nice! I’m looking forward to it! It’ll be so much fun!! We can take a picnic, right? And we can like eat on the beach as the sun’s comin’ up!

[Alfred laughs, playfully nuzzling into Feli’s hair.] That’s the point of a vacation, y’know? You’ve gotta enjoy yourself, and I’m not gonna let you leave feeling at all disappointed!

Si, si~! I brought it, I’m really proud of my town, too! I spend a lot of my free time trying to make it really lovely. Peaches are my town fruit! I’ve got a bunch of golden ones if you want to trade! [He’s bubbling now, enthusiastic about the game, and he tries to cheer Alfred up when he catches that frown, gently squeezing his hand and bouncing a little, trying to pass on his energy.] Well, we don’t have to worry about work, now! We’re on vacation!

Aheh, a bunch of annoying alarms- we can definitely do that, My phone lets me set them, and I have my bedside clock, and I’m sure I can find a bunch of other ones around the house, too. We won’t miss it~ And I can make a picnic breakfast to take! It’ll be lovely, you’ll see. [He’s delighted at the idea, eager to show off the beauty of his home to the other nation.]

[The nuzzle into his hair makes his heart leap, and his cheeks turn a bright pink as he happily melts against him.] Si…! It is. And I’ll do my best to return the favor when you come to my place, after!

Anonymous sent: Feli's take on mass Italian emigration to the Americas 1880-1924?




They were mostly his brother’s, he reminded himself as he sighed, but he knew he had just as much to do with it as Lovino. They were struggling, here, and Alfred’s house was famed to be the “land of opportunity.” It’s no wonder that they would all choose to go there, but it still made him feel like he’d failed.

(And they had.)

He went, for a while, to see how his people had been settling in, and got swept away by the seeming glamour of Alfred’s home.

As he danced to the music called “swing”, he couldn’t help but grin and let Alfred sweep him away.

Ah… he was starting to see why his people wanted to come here.

He hoped they were in good hands.

(Alfred’s hands were young, but larger than his, strong, and firm, and they wiped the bitter tears from his face so gently.)

Gay Chicken


Yeah! I always have it with me. If yours is in the room, you can bring it out tomorrow. You’ll get all the cool StreetPass stuff! But once we get back if we’re not too tired we can play games tonight! It’ll be good. [Puts his DS away again, putting his hand back into Feli’s.] I never really expect a lot unless I’m at an anime convention or something, but yeah, there are a lotta people who bring ‘em here. I just take mine around in case and it’s gotta pedometer which I think is neato.

Yeah, I feel you. Ugh!! Sleeping is so important! It’s so hard for me to get out of bed before like two. I stay up late and I wanna sleep in! But yeah every once and awhile maybe it’s okay. We’ll set a lot of alarms or something so we actually get up and go!

Aww~ No worries! I’ve got hella energy, so I doubt I’ll wear out easy! 

Si, sounds good! Do you play Animal Crossing? It’s so cute, it’s one of my favorites right now! [He hums, then laughs.] Aheh, I’d sleep in that late too if I could get away with it. But there’s so much work to dooo…

Alarms sound like a good plan! When we’re at my place, we should have an early morning and go to the sea. It’s very closeby to my home, and the ocean sunrise is so beautiful!

[He relaxes when Al takes his hand again, and he happily leans against him.] You’re spoiling me a little, but I’m glad. Grazie~!