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[He laughed happily, tilting his face up to accept the kisses.]

Si, si.  I don’t need to bring that much of my stuff with me…I mean, if there’s something I don’t bring the first time, it wouldn’t be too hard to get it later.  The birds…Luz will probably try to befriend them.  Lucio might try to attack, but he’s kind of…He’s not a fighter.

I like the sound of that…We could cook together to, caro.  I want to do everything with you…

[He stands as well with a soft laugh of his own, pecking his cheek lightly]  Si, let’s go.  The sooner the better, no?

Aheh, then we’ll just have to wait until Lucio figures out it’s a bad idea to pounce the hens. They’re very spunky, they’ll peck at him, or chase him. Lucio sounds adorable, is he gonna come out to meet me? I’ve only gotten to meet Luz. [He leans down to pet the cat in question, before straightening back up and cuddling Lovino with a hug.]

Si, si! Since you don’t have much to move, we could be settled in within a week, don’t you think? Once we’ve got everything arranged to be taken care of while you’re gone from the other house.



[He laughs and hugs him tightly, wrapping his arms tightly around him in return.]  Feliciano…I want all of that, caro.  Being with you would be the best thing…

[He gently pulls him closer as their lips meet, his arms wrapping around him.  He lets out an appreciative noise at the attention and little pep talk.]

I would love to come home to you every night…You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever met, and I’m so lucky you love me… [pecks his lips again]

[He’s a bright red now from all the happiness and love and praise, and he’s insistent about spoiling Lovino with kisses all over his face.]

Nn, I still feel like I’m the lucky one, for sure~! Then, then, let’s get started! We’ll have to get all your things moved in here for the summer, and from there we can decide where else we’d like to stay for each season~ And you can bring the cats, and- oh! But will they get along with the birds? All the birds I raise, I mean, the chickens and ducks and quails… But they’ll have plenty of land here to explore too, so I’m sure they’ll like it here..

And I only grow the best, so I’ll make you delicious meals with the crops I grow~ It’ll be perfect! And we’ll be able to spend holidays together more easily, too.

I’m so excited! [He gives a bright laugh and cuddles in delight, before finally standing and tugging Lovino up by the hands to stand with him.] Let’s go make arrangements, okay?



[He wasn’t aware Feilciano had dresses anymore, but now he wants to see them.]

I-In that case, of course I would love to live with you.  Anywhere you want to go, amore.  [He gently runs his fingers along Feliciano’s cheek, pressing their forheads together gently]  There will be work in my part of the country I have to get to too, but…if I can come home to you eventually, I don’t mind.

[He smiles and rests his head on the other’s shoulder, the kiss sending another round of butterflies through his stomach.]  He just thinks that because I feed him. [Still, he smiles and scratches the top of the cats head, kissing the corner of his brother’s lips.]

[Feliciano absolutely lights up, looking ecstatic, and nearly bowls Lovino over in a more excited hug.] I’m so glad…! It’ll be perfect, ‘Vino, we get to share a house and home and we can cook together and sleep together and our cats will get to be friends, too!

[He smiled and nuzzled into Lovino’s neck, relaxing when Lovino rested his head on his shoulder.] And caro, I’m sure he loves you more for than just food. [He seems a bit surprised at the kiss to his lips’ corner, before his expression melts into a sweet smile, and he shuts his eyes and presses his lips fully to Lovino’s.]

Ti amo, fratello. I would be so, so happy to live with you. I’d  like to get to welcome you home every day.



[He grins brightly at the thought, wondering what kind of dress Feliciano would choose if he went through with it.]

You…Do you want to move in with me?  I mean…Together, we have a few places around the country.  We don’t have to stay in one place.  [He twirls Feli’s hair around his finger, blushing and looking away self-consciously]

I mean…you don’t have to.  I know I’m not the greatest company… [He pulls away a little, looking nervous and more than a little self-conscious.  Luz turns to him and meows softly, pressing his nose to Lovino’s cheek.]

[He turns a brighter pink.] Most of the dresses I have are cream or white, but… I’ll see if I can find a blue one. 

And si…! It would be amazing, fratello! It’d be so nice to live together- it would be nice to have some helping hands and some sweet company. [He smiles and affectionately nuzzles Lovino, before laughing a little.] And we have to stay at my farmland for the crops’ season, but in the fall, we could go wherever you like! We’ve lot a lot of little homes, after all.

[Feliciano turns a shade darker when he feels the soothing sensation of Lovino playing with his hair, and he leans in to kiss his cheek.] I think you’re lovely company, ‘Vino. And Luz seems to think so, too, don’t you, Luz? [He coos at the cat again, before giving Lovino a bright-eyed and hopeful look.]



[He can’t help but laugh at that, but there’s no way he’s letting an opportunity to tease his brother pass.]  Is that so?  I’d like to see you in a dress.  I think blue would look good on you…

[He smiles a little brighter, pressing a kiss of his own to Feliciano’s cheek]  Si, it would be nice to not be lonely.  Cats can only do so much, no?   [Luz meows loudly as if agreeing.]

[He turns pink and laughs, hiding his blushing face into Lovino’s shoulder.] Blue, huh…? Maybe I’ll get one someday. I’ll show it to you first if I ever do.

[He smiles a bit and pets at Luz some more, before he nuzzles Lovino and murmurs.] Are you proposing that we move in together, caro? [He seems curious, looking at his brother with bright eyes.]

I couldn’t leave my land, I have so much there to work… Unless you wanted to come with me? [He nuzzles the tips of their noses together playfully, affectionately.] Or we could switch between seasons…



[He snorts and nuzzles his face into Feliciano’s neck, smiling a little at his interactions with the cat.]  Yeah, yeah, if you say so.  You are like some kind of Disney princess or some shit with animals.

[Luz seems happy to be cooed at, flicking his rough tongue over the tip of Feliciano’s nose affectionately.  Lovino smiles, but tightens his grip a little.]  If you take him, I’ll just have to take all three of you and keep you here, no?  I don’t think Lucio would take kindly to being left behind either.  [His voice falters a little, remembering how much the other cat actually is like him.]

Aheh, you think so? Maybe I should get a pretty dress to go with the theme, then. [He nuzzles Lovino’s neck, before pulling back to kiss his cheek. He’s soon distracted by Luz’s little lick, and seems delighted.]

Aaaaw! You are too precious! [He’s so delighted, scooping up the happy cat and cuddling him, happy to feel Lovino holding him tighter, too.] Kidnap all three of us, then? Well~ I don’t think any of us would mind! [He smiles and playfully kisses Lovino’s nose.]

That way, none of us will be too lonely.

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Is that so?  How does he manage to put up with you, then?  [it’s a teasing grin on his face now, and he wraps an arm around Feli’s waist to hold him close.  Luz purrs and puts his forepaws on Feliciano’s chest, nuzzling his cheek]

Hey! [He pouts a little and whines at the tease, but quickly laughs and snuggles up to Lovino more now that he’s being held close.] Gino loves me plenty, trust me!

[He lights up to see Luz, and smiles, gently petting the purring, friendly cat.] Dio, Luz is so precious! I might just catnap him and take him home with me~ [He nuzzles the cat back, cooing at the fluffy thing.] Yes you are~ So precious!



Fussy?  I guess that’s how you could say it.  He likes me well enough, but he didn’t at first.

[he just sticks his tongue out at Feliciano, but he’s not really upset]  Lucio’s probably hiding somewhere.  He does that when there’s people he doesn’t really know.  He’ll warm up to Gino eventually.  Probably.

[He giggles a bit more and hums a bit, tempted to do something silly or other with Lovi’s tongue but deciding to just let him be.] I’m glad he warmed up to you, then. He’s sure to warm up to Gino soon, too! SInce he’s so calm and unobtrusive, even mister fussy-kitten won’t have too much to be all bothered about.

[He clambers into Lovino’s lap eventually and starts to snuggle that way, enjoying the warmth.]



Toni actually picked Lucio out because he reminded him of me…Luz reminded him of himself, so I guess that’s why I got them.

[he’s really enjoying the cuddling, not that he’s going to say anything about it]

He probably does.  Luz likes everyone; it’s Lucio you’ll have to win over.  [he smiled at Feli]

Aheh~! Now that I think about it, Luz does seem to act a lot like Toni! He’s all cheery and friendly and sweet. Ah, so… if Lucio reminded him of you, then does that mean Lucio’s fussy~? 

[He’s teasing now, giggling and giving Lovino a playful nudge.] Don’t worry, though, even if Lucio scares Gino, Gino won’t fight. He’s a pretty calm kitty, he’d rather run and hide than fight. I’d like to meet Lucio, though. Where is the little guy?




[He smiles gently at him, and leans against his side.]

Then, you don’t have to leave the house, sciocco. We can spend a day together here. There’s plenty to do. [As he speaks, he reaches out to try petting the cat.] I should get Gino over here to play with him, maybe he’ll cheer up. 

[he nods and leans back against him, snuggling into the warmth and scratching under the cat’s chin]

Si, that might be nice.  He’d probably get along better with this one than the kitten though… [he’s smiling anyway as Luz purrs loudly and presses against Feli’s hand]

Gino’s a sweet kitty, though. I’m sure he’ll like to play with them both… The kitten’s not that scary, is it?

[He giggles a bit when Lovino snuggles, and settles down more comfortably on the floor to cuddle back with him.] Ah! I think he likes me!

[He lights up when Luz purrs and rubs against his hand, and he happily starts cooing at the cat and scratching behind the ears.] What a good kitty!



[looks up and manages a small smile]

I…don’t know?  I just don’t feel like leaving the house or anything today…

[He smiles gently at him, and leans against his side.]

Then, you don’t have to leave the house, sciocco. We can spend a day together here. There’s plenty to do. [As he speaks, he reaches out to try petting the cat.] I should get Gino over here to play with him, maybe he’ll cheer up. 



Sorry but I knew that was you from the first moment I saw you so I wanted to make you see I noticed you! 

[ happily holds him in a tight hug also and laughs, moving around a little to get comfortable. Really, she saw her sister and her counterpart yesterday but it still felt strange without saying hi to Feli at least in those meetings ] 

You’re doing okay? It feels like I haven’t seen in a long time!

Beh, so you did it by knocking me over? [He teases, poking her side, before giving her a playful squeeze of a hug.]

And si, I’ve been wonderful! I’ve been doing a lot of travelling recently! I’ve been trying to catch up with everyone, and I’ve been visiting someone a lot too… It’s a good thing I’ve got a lot of time lately! Although, soon enough it’ll be busy again, with tending to the fields and chickens and everything…

What about you? Have you done anything fun lately?

Gotten into any trouble~?

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