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Arthur was sad to have the pressure of Feliciano’s body gone from his arm, but he didn’t fuss when the other decided to create some space between them. However flustered he got, Arthur loved physical contact: sitting close enough to meld from shoulder to hip, the brief accidental brush of fingers when walking, the warm puffs of breath that whispered against his neck when another person fell asleep tired and heavy against his shoulder, Arthur loved it. But he understood the need for space and only hoped it wouldn’t keep up for the whole night.

"That sounds lovely." Arthur hadn’t been planning on staying the night but he was suddenly looking forward to it. Though, it did make him wonder…

"How old are you?" he didn’t have any doubts that Feliciano was legal, certainly not, but he still wanted to know if there were any kind of age gap.

If Feliciano had anything to say about it, the lack of physical contact would definitely not last long- it might not even last through dinner, if Feiciano got bold enough to try and reach for Arthur’s hand, or sit beside him instead of across from him in one of the booths. He was humming as he walked, enjoying the sound of the water lightly lapping along the canals’ edges, the hum of a busy city in the evening, chatter off towards the plaza.

"I’m glad~!" he said with a relieved little laugh, before looking up brightly at Arthur. "I’m twenty!" he said, not seeming to mind the question at all. "And you’ll love the restaurant, the food is so tasty, and the sweets are lovely- they make gelato in house, even! It’s wonderful!" He was already excited at the prospect of good food, too.


The giddy delight Feliciano breathed into the air was infectious and Arthur opened himself up easily to it, “Well I’m not about to start calculating contribution margins if that’s what you’re asking.” He didn’t want to be taking any calls tonight, (God forbid Signore Vargas be the one to interrupt their date) but business was business. Arthur was not about to let his job get away from him.

Well, maybe for one night. It wasn’t good business to be doing this sort of thing with someone so close to Romulus but the way Feliciano asked that question— it had Arthur with a healthy glow in his cheeks. He sounded anything but unwilling. “Vague plans, really. Just a walk around and then back to the shop. We can do whatever you want.” Walk around, see some shops, tie him up. Whatever Feliciano wanted.

"Good," Feliciano said with a little laugh, before cuddling up briefly to Arthur’s side when he was certain there wasn’t anyone to see. But soon he put himself back at a more socially accepted distance, and hummed, "It’d be awful if something interrupted us, you know?" His cheeks were pink as he said it- but he couldn’t help but want Arthur’s attention. He’d been single over a month now, but even before then he’d had trouble keeping his boyfriend’s attention.

Feliciano caught sight of the glow in Arthur’s cheeks and lit up in delight. “That sounds good. I like that plan,” Feliciano replied, his voice tinged with a slight purr. “I could show you the shop a little more, or show you my home upstairs, or the greenhouse on the roof, if you like,” he offered, before turning pink. Goodness, his thoughts wandered into the gutters for a brief moment, wondering if Arthur was going to have fun with him.


[He laughs at that and nods.]  Si, of course.  Either way, that sounds wonderful to me.  [He runs a hand gently through his brother’s hair, his expression gentle and affectionate as he looks down at him.]  Si, let’s do that.  Though I won’t get to steal any of yours then, will I?  [He pretends to pout, but it isn’t long before his expression melts into a smile again.]

It will be nice to be able to just…walk with you like this more often.  I love you, you know…  [It isn’t exactly necessary to repeat; he’s sure the younger Italian does know, but he wants to say it anyway.  Eventually they reach the shop, and he holds the door open for the younger Italian.]

[Feliciano leans happily up into his brother’s touch, the gentle sensation of Lovino’s fingers running through his hair making a warm tingle run through his body, making him feel delighted.] Ah, but I really want stracciatella, now! It’ll be tasty- next time we can come and split flavors! [He says it earnestly, before smiling back up at him.]

We’ll be able to take a lot more walks- my home has a lot more land, so we can take it easy there, or even walk around the town… or down to the shore. It’s a nice place, where I live. A bit of everything except mountains, aheh. I love you too, Lovino. [He returns the words easily, wanting his brother to know for sure that he will always return that love.] Grazie~ Now, let’s get huge cups of gelato!


Images of Elizabeth weeping in her wedding dress after being told that her maid of honor had slept with her newlywed husband floated through Arthur’s mind as he fell into step with Feliciano. He didn’t think any of that was worth mentioning and went for a little half-lie, “Mostly paperwork and some emails, I had to let my father know what was going on down here. Dreadfully boring.”

He was able to lie a bit more smoothly with the foresight to prepare for any questions regarding his unsightly hobby and latched onto the topic of Feliciano’s day, “Hope you didn’t tire yourself out. I’ve got few plans for after dinner.” Really, he just meant a walk around Venice in the night lights, but decided not to correct himself, liking the insinuation.

Feliciano hummed a little as he trotted along, bright-eyed and delighted that he was going on a date, and with someone so seemingly lovely. “Paperwork and emails… ah, that does sounds boring. But you’re done with it now, right?” he asked, hoping that their date would go uninterrupted by business calls. This time, he didn’t catch a hint of Arthur’s lie, instead just accepting his words easily.

"Oh, I didn’t tire myself out, I feel wonder-" And then Arthur dropped those suggestive words and Feliciano turned scarlet, squeaking before he could even finish the word. "A-Ah…! Is that so…?" he stammered after a moment, looking flustered but also intrigued, briefly hugging Arthur’s arm as they walked before he continued leading the way to the restaurant in question. "What kinds of plans?" he asked next, eyes now glinting with curious mischief.


Arthur got himself an eyeful when the watched Feliciano practically run up the stairs, skirt bouncing with each step. He looked away very quickly, and blushed, feeling like a lecherous old man. The wait was awkward when left with those thoughts, but Feliciano came back in a considerably less distracting (but just as attractive) shirt and tie, he was able to calm his thoughts.

"Oh thank you, It was no problem. I think I’ll just leave it here, but I’ll have to come home with you to pick it up." He placed it on a nearby table and walked back over to give Feliciano’s hand a squeeze, "Shall we go then?"

(Feliciano had been wearing lace, as Arthur might’ve gotten a glimpse of as Feliciano trotted up the stairs, the flowing skirt showing off delicate, thin, white lace.)

Feliciano seemed happier when Arthur mentioned walking him home, even if it was just to pick up his sweater, and he beamed at his date before feeling his heart leap again at the squeeze of his hand. How long had it been since he’d actually felt chemistry this strong, with someone? He squeezed Arthur’s hand in return, before tugging him out of the shop. “Si, si! Let’s get moving~ I’m hungry, it’s been a long day, ahah… What did you do with your day?” he asked, curiously tilting his head up at the Englishman.


Arthur realized his mistake, “Oh no, I’m sorry, you look lovely, honestly. I just…I thought you were trying to wheedle another jacket out of me, you’ll freeze to death in that!” He must have sounded like a fussy grandmother the way he kept scolding Feliciano for his clothes, but honestly, what did he expect!

When a change of clothes was mentioned, Arthur was relived. As much as he liked the image of Feliciano wearing his coat over that pretty dress, he was not keen on the man building a collection of his warmest outerwear. He’d already lost his sweater to Feliciano’s ill-prepared wardrobe. But Arthur still felt bad for scaring him like that, so he swept back the fringe of red-tinted hair and pressed an apologetic kiss to Feliciano’s forehead.

"Alright love, I’ll wait right here."

Feliciano seemed relieved to hear his explanation, a small smile returning to his face after hearing it. He laughed a little, and briefly cuddled up to Arthur’s side. “I know, I know… I’ll get cozy, I promise. Ah! And that reminds me, I have your sweater upstairs,” he chirped, looking much more at ease than he did before.

The gentle brush of Arthur’s fingers over his forehead made him relax, but then that sweet, gentle kiss made him melt, eyes sliding shut a moment as his heart fluttered. Did Arthur have to be so charming…?! It wasn’t fair in the slightest, making him so weak in the knees like that, calling him ‘love’ in an accent that was far too smooth to be legal.

"I-I’ll just be a minute," he stammered, before darting away upstairs, his face scarlet, as he changed into something more suitable. Dress pants and a green shirt and black tie, a coat to keep him warm, socks and dress shoes. And when he returned, he came with Arthur’s sweater in his arms, and he smiled a little sheepishly as he offered it back. "Grazie, for lending it to me."


Arthur didn’t even have the wits about him to correct Feliciano on the roses when he saw what the other man was wearing. As soon as the he pulled back from the kiss, Arthur had a full view of delicate white dress that hung just below Feliciano’s knees with ruffles and ornate stitching lining the edges that made Arthur think of white roses.

Of course he was surprised, Feliciano was flamboyant but he hadn’t guessed that the man would be bold enough to wear something so eccentric on a first date. He knew people who cross-dressed, but they usually made big deal about keeping it a secret.

As much as Arthur liked the dress (and yes, he certainly liked it, the pink in his cheeks was evidence of that) he couldn’t keep the disapproval from his tone, “You’re wearing that? When we go out?”

"I’m joking about the roses, caro," Feliciano teased after a moment, before winking. "Aheh, unless you want to buy some and support the shop~?" But even then, he turned a bit pink, his bashfulness catching up to him when he realized that Arthur was getting a good look at his outfit.

But the disapproval he heard in Arthur’s voice made him falter. No, he’d never intended to actually wear it out- goodness, they were in Italy, and he didn’t even have Carnivale to use as an excuse. (He’d heard that he could get away with it more in America, but he’d only been there once.)

His fingers curled into his dress’s lap anxiously, wringing the fabric. “You don’t like it?” he murmured, his voice soft. “I-I wasn’t going to wear it out, so don’t worry…! I, um, I have another set of clothes ready to change into, so…!” he murmured, stepping back. 


Arthur Kirkland wore the most shit eating grin when Feliciano left. That had been exactly the response he was going for and it was just so satisfying (he could not get over how fantastic Feliciano looked when he blushed). With a skip in his step, he left the shop (after purchasing that copy of Sette Notti di Lussuria of course. Italian or not, he was going to find out exactly what happened after the wedding) and made his way back to the hotel in a considerably better mood than when he’d been in that morning.

The first thing he did when he got back was fill the sink and let his roses sit there (he wasn’t about to invest in a vase that he couldn’t even fit in his luggage). Afterwards, He spent some time emailing his father the details of the issue, going through all the document’s he’d brought for Romulus and a considerable amount of time catching up on one of his favorite book series. When six o clock rolled around, he put on a very simple blue shirt and black tie, grabbing a jacket and the little ribbon from his bouquet before heading out.

Google maps did a dreadful job navigating him and he ended up stopping for directions more than once, but he did manage to find the shop at only ten minutes late. He sent Feliciano a quick text, ‘Here, love' before stepping inside and admiring some lovely yellow roses.

Feliciano couldn’t get Arthur’s face out of his head, or his voice, or the feel of his lips on his skin- goodness, it had been a while since he’d been that swept away by someone. It had taken everything in him not to spill everything he was excited about to his little brother, who was minding the shop with him just for Valentine’s to help with the holiday rush.

At six, the shop closed up and Val went home, but Feli lived in the flat above the shop, so he just darted upstairs and started to fuss about changing. He finally decided to don a flowing white dress, hoping it looked cute enough for a Valentine’s outing, and nervously waited for Arthur to turn up.

He got anxious when the minutes ticked by their decided meeting time, biting his lip as he stared out the closed shop’s window. But then his phone chimed and he checked it, relief sweeping through him- and when Arthur stepped inside, all handsomely dressed and even bringing him yellow roses, his heart leapt.

"Artie…!" he chirped in delight, hopping up from his chair and darting over to him. "Are these for me…? You’re so sweet!" he said in delight, cheeks rosy as he tip-toed to kiss Arthur’s cheeks.


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Goodness, Arthur still wasn’t used to that. All this sudden kissing was making his heart jump out of his chest. But still, he felt like he should pay the favor back…and maybe a little something for that sly little comment earlier,

" Then I’ll see you there, love." He purred, taking Feliciano’s hand in his own and kissing the back, before releasing it and giving Feliciano a very self satisfied smile, "I think I can find it fine."

Feliciano hadn’t expected Arthur’s bold move, and the moment his hand was kissed, he was red up to his ears. “A-Ah… I… I…” he stammered, at a loss for words, heart fluttering a little at the, quite frankly, romantic gesture. He finally got control of his mouth after a moment, and squeaked before he could respond, only to then blurt, “S-Si! Later, um- for dinner!”

"Let me just…" he reached over and picked up a piece of scrap paper from one of the desks, writing his number on it before tucking it in Arthur’s pocket with a little smile. "Ciao~"

That smug smile Arthur was wearing made his heart do flips and heat stir in places he shouldn’t be feeling right now, but he darted back outside to his gondola. It was only after giving away his last bouquet that he realized that he still had Arthur’s sweater on- oh well. He’d just have to give it back to him when Arthur arrived to pick him up for dinner~!

The entire rest of the day at the shop consisted of him humming and fluttering about in excited bliss- he couldn’t wait…! Ah, but… maybe he should test his date. Yes, if he wore that… it would be a good way to do it.


Was he really insinuating that-! Goodness, he didn’t know how Feliciano could fluster so easily over a date invitation and yet be so casual about these vulgar little comments. “We are in a public store, for God’s sake, there are employees milling around with nothing better to do than try and ease drop!” When he whispered that a little too loudly, he thought he saw a body shy away behind a bookcase. Look, there…!! He was right!

Arthur smiled at Feliciano when the man was positively giddy over the prospect of redecoration, “I’m sure you’ll do a fine job.” Then nodded. He’d certainly taken up quite a bit of Feliciano’s time. It was probably best of he got back to his flowers, “Alright. What time should I come by? Can I pick you up at the shop?” Although, was it even a good idea to be the one picking Feliciano up? Oh well, he had an address. Google could take care of the rest.

Feliciano had lots of fun when he was the one causing the flustering, but when someone else started to mess with him back, then he started to get incredibly flustered. He was easily charmed and distracted and even intrigued and attracted, so getting him riled up and red was easy. “Okay, okay~ I’ll be good,” he chirped, eyes twinkling as he lowered his voice. 

He eased back into conversation about the shop, perking up at the encouragement about the redecoration, before smiling and kissing his cheek. “Ah… well, since it’s a holiday, we close early, at six. So… maybe six-thirty, so I have some time to get all nice-looking for you,” he said softly, cheeks pink. He looked enthralled and delighted, at the prospect of a date with Arthur. “The shop is fine. Will you find it alright?”


[He smiles a little as Feliciano speaks, glad to know he isn’t the only one who feels this way.  His hands move down to his hips, resting gently on them and massaging tiny circles into his warm, wet skin.]  How could they?  Besides, none of them could be as lucky as me—none of them have you…

[He smiles against his skin, but backs off a little and laughs as Feliciano returns his affection.  His laughter fades as the kiss deepens, and he can’t resist wrapping both arms tightly around the younger Italian and even dipping him slightly, careful not to let him fall in the wet shower.]

Mmm…W-we should stop this before we get carried away…  [Reluctantly, he pulls back a bit, his eyes roaming the younger’s body shamelessly.]  Ah…Why don’t we have lunch and take a nap?  Then maybe we’ll get up to, ah…a few more activities…if you want…  [His cheeks flush lightly, not used to being so forward with his offers.]

[Feliciano’s sore hips are being soothed by the hot water and the way Lovino gently massaging them, and he moves into his touch a little, hips rolling slightly. He’s flattered and pink, especially with the sweet words Lovino’s speaking.] You’re so kind, tesoro… such a sweetheart. I feel like I must be the luckiest~

[He’s glad for the support because he definitely needs it, although Lovino pulling back from him makes him come back down to earth before he gets swept away.] A-Ah… si, si. We should stop… [Although, seeing Lovino eyeing him like that makes him turn red. Even so, he loves being the center of Lovino’s attention like this, so he doesn’t complain at all.] Si, lunch and a siesta… and then another round? 

Let’s dry off…


[He watches Feliciano, his gaze soft and affectionate at seeing how full of life he was.]  Of course we will.  And I would like nothing more to take you out every night if I could, caro.  Of course, that would mean I wouldn’t get to taste your cooking, so maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea, no?  [He smiles to himself as he lets himself be pulled along.]

Are you saying you want the biggest serving they have?  Because that’s kind of what it sounds like, amore.  [He lets out a soft laugh, not at all bothered by the thought—he wouldn’t mind having that himself, actually.]  Ah…I’m not sure.  Maybe stracciatella?

We’ll have to make sure to keep a nice spilt~ Maybe we could go out once a week, and have each other’s cooking the rest of the time? We shouldn’t go out too often, or we’ll end up a little lazy and spoiled, right? [He laughs a bit, hugging Lovino’s arm a little now that they’re walking down the mostly empty streets.]

And si! That’s exactly what I’m saying~! [He grins cheekily and then laughs, a bounce in his step as he goes along.] Oooh, stracciatella sounds good! Now I want it, too! Let’s both get the biggest servings of straciatella! [He’s excited now, his sweet tooth kicking into full gear.]


"You…!" Arthur didn’t know what he wanted to call Feliciano right now, "I was only taking a peek!" It wasn’t as though he were drooling over the cover, he hadn’t even read enough to see who Elizabeth had ended up with… Maybe tomorrow morning he could sneak in when he was alone and pick up that copy. It was half off and he did have a week of time to kill…

Feliciano’s question snapped him out of his thoughts, “Oh…well this place isn’t in bad shape. I think with a bit of fixing up and the right marketing it could bring in a hefty profit. I’ll pitch the idea at your grandfather tomorrow, but ultimately its up to him.”

Feliciano was thrilled with Arthur’s responses to his teasing. “Only a peek… ah, but a peek can do a lot, right?” he chirped innocently, before humming a little. Perhaps like the nice look Arthur got of Feli earlier in just a towel, or the way his wet boxers had clung to him when he’d first come out of the canal. 

"You think so? Oh, that’s great! I could help nonno with all the redecorations and everything!" he said in delight. "This place has a lot of promise, I think! And nonno’s not one to give up so easily~ So I’m sure he’ll agree!" he said in delight, before stretching a little. "Mm… I’ve only got a few bouquets left to hand out, then I can finish my route and go back to my own shop…"

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