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What a morning!

Gino decided to wake me by knocking over a photo frame on my nightstand, and it broke…

She looks guilty, so I know she didn’t mean to, but now I’ll need to go find another nice frame for the photo.

You know, maybe I should get an album and fill it up! I might go around and take pictures with all my friends and put it in the album~!

Now… Who first?


Sweet! We’ll have beautiful rings then. [Alfred grins.] Okay, great. It’ll be like I’m a giant Barb—Ken—for you to dress up!

If you don’t wanna share than the pretty girls’ll be missing out, won’t they? I’ll have plenty good company so I wouldn’t even look~ Well… Okay, I might look, but y’know, that’s where it ends. [He laughs, also bumping into Feli again.] I bet we could get the whole female population wantin’ to hang out with us~ Well… the ones who’re into guys anyway. 

[Alfred smiles, pushing his glasses up his nose again.] I might call you everyday, then what will you do? Why doesn’t getting on roller coasters drunk seem like a good idea? [He snickers.] But yeah, dinner sounds like a better time for it.

[Feliciano’s giggling now, and chirping back at him.] It wouldn’t be fun if I was the only one getting to play dress up~! You should get to choose some stuff for me too- I’m kind of curious to see what your fashion tastes are like. 

[He’s pink and smiling, and laughs again, giving a dismissive wave.] It’s alright~ Who could help stealing glances at the pretty girls, right? But I think I’d have better eye candy to look at~ [He gives Alfred a playful wink before taking a few sips of his drink, relaxed as he waits for their meals to arrive.] I’m sure we could~ Ah, but I wouldn’t want to string them along, so maybe it’s better if we take it easy.

[The idea of Al calling him every day suddenly makes him burst into a fit of giggles, which he quickly explains.] D-Dio, if you did that… well, I guess I’d have to come running! It’d be karma~ [He grins, remembering the days where he’d pester Germany the exact same way- and Ludwig always came for him regardless of the insignificance of the situation.]  Oddio, drinking before rides just is asking for trouble. I don’t want to get sick!


Would we get matchin’ rings or just ones that are similar? [Alfred holds out his left hand, examining his ring finger.] It’s good you’ll be there with me then! I don’t wanna show up and have you be embarrassed to be seen with me. You gotta make sure I’m totally well put-together, okay?

The bellas are just gonna have to wait their turn until you’re done with me, aren’t they? [He chuckles, nudging Feli’s shoulder in return.] We could go get swamped by them together if you wanna~

Yeah! There’s a lot of awesome atmosphere here! It can cheer me up regardless of how I’m feelin’. [Alfred beams at him, touching his cheek.] Then you’ll definitely have to come see me every year.

Nah~ It’s never too early. You’re on vacation, y’know! Let loose, dude, and get whatever floats your boat.

Maybe just similar ones~ I always felt like matching rings stifled the expression of a couple… the rings don’t need to be the same to show you love each other, you know? [He hums a little, and laughs.] Si! I’ll be like your personal fashion adviser! I’ll do my best~

Ah, I’m so glad! So I’d get to have you first~ Maybe I wouldn’t want to share. [He laughs and bumps his shoulder against him again, and turns pink.] You think? Nn, with the two of us working together, maybe we could get a lot of girls’ attention~

[He turns a bright red at the touch to his cheek, and leans into it a little.] You don’t need to bribe me with Disney to get me to come see you, you know~ A call over would be enough for me. [He smiles at him, his expression sweet.] And maybe I am on vacation, but I probably shouldn’t drink before getting on rides. For dinner, maybe!


Should I bring you along for ring shopping so I’m sure not to disappoint you? You seem to have a pretty good idea what you want~ [Alfred laughs, running his fingers through his own hair.] Awesome! Getting swarmed by beautiful Italian girls sounds like my idea of a pretty good time. [Shivers slightly as his finger brush across sensitive areas.] Aww~ Don’t get jealous! Y’know I’d be there just to spend time with you

[He smiles, watching their hands for a bit before also turning to the menu.] You’ve got a point. I love bein’ here. The atmosphere just makes my day—like everyone is acting like you! All excited about everything and happy they’re there. It makes my day. [Grins across the table at him, resting his chin on his hand.] I’ll start inviting you every year then!

[As if by magic, the waitress appeared at that moment to take their orders.] I’d like the braised short rib, and my very dear friend wanted the gnocchi~ And… eh, Feli, whatcha want to drink?

[Feliciano bursts into a new set of giggles, and beams at him.] It’s not like I’ve thought about it before or anything… [This is a bashful lie- goodness, this hopeless romantic has wondered what it’d be like to get married for centuries.] But I wouldn’t mind being taken along! I have to make sure you don’t make your own ring gaudy, either! Can’t have my fiance looking unfashionable~

[He gives a playful pout.] Aw, but how am I not supposed to be jealous when you’re covered in bellas? I wouldn’t know if I was jealous of you, or the belle…! But I’m glad you wouldn’t leave me alone~ [He bumps a shoulder lightly against Al’s.]

Aheh… who can help being excited? This place really is like a wonderland~ So pretty, and lively, and filled with dreams. I’d be so happy to get to come every year! [He lights up and kisses his cheek gratefully.]

Oh, I want lemonade to drink! I love lemonade- ah, and it’s probably too early to ask for limoncello… [He hums a little, considering the time.]


Of course! Nothing but the best for you! Plus, if I got you something gaudy it’d be tacky in comparison to all your clothes. I don’t want you sighing in embarrassment when you look at the symbol of our eternal love! [Alfred laughs, wrapping his arms around his shoulders.] Ah~ Yeah, we don’t really do that. People make out n’ stuff and whatnot, but just walkin’ up to people and confessing’s hard a lot of times for people here. It sounds really cool at your place though! D’you think I’m cute enough that I’d get some hella-lookin’ Italians coming up to me on the streets?

[Alfred grins to watch him looking around excitedly.] Yeah! It’s really big! It’d be cool to clear everything and make a ball room… I wonder if they do that… I feel like I should know, but I don’t for sure. I’m pretty sure it’s a no, but maybe we should ask them to anyway! [Reaches over and pats his hand.] Don’t be too jealous! You live in Italy, don’t you have lots of places people love, too? Besides, you can come here any time you want, okay?

Si, of course! It has to be beautiful and fashionable, you know. A silver colored metal with maybe embedded aquamarine and diamonds… Something that won’t catch on things I brush past, you know~? [He giggles a bit when Al starts asking about his chances in Italy, and he hums.] Well, you’re definitely cute enough, caro. You’ve got the blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, the eagerness and enthusiasm- the cuteness might get girls all over you, Aheh, the “American Golden Boy” is a type people go for a lot, I think. [He playfully runs a fingertip along his collarbone.] I would want to say hi~ I might get jealous of the bellas who get your attention.

[He plays with Alfred’s hand after Al pats his hand, goofing around as he peruses the menu.] Si, that’s true- people likes a lot of parts of my home, but- there’s nothing quite like this. Where the children are so awed and happy and the entire family is having fun, you know? And grazie~ I might come more often, if you invite me more~ [He giggles, before lighting up.] Ah! They have gnocchi! I looove gnocchi! I want that, let’s order~!


[He wants to keep going, but it’s too funny. He laughs too hard to reply, wiping his eyes under his glasses when he is able to calm down a little.] Well, I’d definitely wanna show it off, so I’d haveta findja the most beautiful ring ever. [His eyebrows shoot up his forehead.] In public? What kindsa stuff d’you do in public!?

Hey, no problem! [Alfred grins at him, pulling the door closed behind them. His grin widens as he’s pulled along.] Good idea, man!

[When they get down, Alfred can’t help but watch Feli as they’re seated, wanting to hear right away what he thinks about the restaurant decor.]

The most beautiful~ You better make sure it’s fantastic. Aheh, nothing but the best for your amore, right? [He continues giggling and cuddles up to Alfred in delight, already having so much fun just talking to him. He smiles after a moment, looking at Alfred with amusement in his eyes.] I feel like your people are so much shyer and less forward about love, you know. At my home people aren’t afraid to go right up to a stranger on the street to praise and ask them out, to get them flowers and sweep them off their feet- and whenever I come here, I always see your people so nervous about asking someone out they never get to do it at all. They’re always so worried about being in public, being seen- at my home, it doesn’t bother people so much, they’re not afraid to show their romantic flair in public. It’s more about attitude, really~

[Once he’s sitting down at the table, he’s looking around in blatant awe at the grand dining room, the decorations sweeping him away and making him wide-eyed in wonder.] I-It’s so big here, so massive! So many people could fit in here, it’s like a real ball room! I bet it could become one if we cleared the tables, aheh~ [The place is bustling since it’s summer, but he loves the energy, and seeing all the delighted and excited children makes him smile.] This really is such a great place, Al, I’m kind of jealous. It’s the kind of place everyone loves…


[He smiles a little to himself, seeing that glint in his eye as an idea comes to him.]  Good…I’ll look forward to it, amore.  If it’s you, it has to be wonderful… [He grins at the bright red cheeks, his eyes subtly scanning his brother’s body to see if his words are getting a response.]  Still, it would be fun…If it’s too much for you, we can try to warm them up first…

Wash you?  Of course I would…It would be my pleasure, caro…  [He smiles to himself; the idea of another bath where he can actually touch Feli and wipe the paint from his skin is…tempting, to say the least.  His tongue darts out to wet his lips as he struggles to keep his body’s reactions more or less under control.]  Are you almost done?  The bed’s getting cold…

[Feli’s still blushing pink, but delighted.] I-It’s just me, caro- I’m still stunned… You’re so handsome, tesoro, anyone would be lucky to have you, a-and instead you chose little ordinary me. I feel so lucky…

[Lovino’s words are tempting, though, and he squirms and bites his lip in an attempt to keep from getting too worked up- he somewhat fails, though, because he’s starting to get hard. He whines a bit and quickens the pace of his painting, before he altogether sets down the brush, satisfied with his work for now.] I-I think I can do the rest later. Right now I just really want to get back in bed…

[He leaves the paints and brushes as they are, something that shows how eager he is since he’s usually so meticulous about caring for his supplies, and he crawls back into bed with Lovino, kissing him deeply.]  


[His chest still feels strangely heavy, like he’s let Feliciano down…but what can he do?]  Si, that sounds nice.  The temperature is perfect too…Let’s do that.  [He smiles again, trying to cheer him up, and leans down to kiss him softly.]  Smile for me, per favore…?

[Feliciano kisses his other half sweetly, shutting his eyes and melting into the kiss, before he pulls back, giving Lovino a little smile to try and make him feel better. He gives Lovi an eskimo kiss for good measure, nuzzling their noses together affectionately.] 

Si, the weather has been nice for it… let’s go relax together. Let’s go to that nice little cafe in the plaza- so we can have a quick but nice dinner. And then we can just go to the gelato shop down the street~ And take our walk.

[He takes one of Lovino’s hands, intertwining their fingers and squeezing gently. He murmurs softly.] Ti amo, tesoro.


I don’t know…Maybe another nation will form someday…  [A soft sigh escapes him, but he quickly tries to cover it with a smile.]  I don’t know, maybe something simple like dinner and a movie?  Why don’t you choose—you have better taste anyway, amore…  [He brushes his hair out of his face lightly, pressing light kisses over his cheeks.]

[Feli’s hopes fall- the chances of a new nation forming nowadays was slim to none, and he hiccups a bit more before Lovino starts to smile at him. The gentle touches and kisses help him calm down, and he tiptoes to kiss Lovino on the lips before he responds.] 

T-Then… let’s go out to dinner, and maybe we can get some gelato and walk around the town a little? It’s been a while since we really just saw what our people were up to, or walked the town streets. Per favore? [He cuddles a little into Lovino now, hugging him.]


[A grin spreads over Lovino’s face at the admission and the kiss, and there’s a pleasant flutter in his chest that makes his own blush deepen.]  Bene…Anch’io ti amo, Feliciano…  [His grins widens at that adorable little squeak.]  Si, of course I’d want something of you…Anyone would; your body is so beautiful…

[He simply hums in acknowledgement at hearing that they’ll be done soon—he doesn’t mind this, really, having his brother’s eyes on him so attentively…He can’t help but smile, his eyes warm as he watches the younger’s every movement.]  Maybe I should use that paint on you.  How do you think it would feel?  Probably cold, with how warm and soft your skin is…

[Feli’s flustered and pink, but secretly rather flattered, and he murmurs.] Then, maybe I will make something for you~ It’ll be a surprise. I think I know juuust what to paint for you… [He gets a mischievous glint in his eyes and smiles to himself, already plotting something for Lovino. He continues painting, letting his brush take the colors in his arsenal to make everything come together perfectly.]

[His movements stop at the tease Lovino gives him, and he turns red again.] A-Ah? On me? Nn, it’s going to be cold, amore, paint tends to be. [He shivers a bit at the thought of Lovino’s fingers dragging paint along his skin, and he tries not to get too worked up by the thought.] You’d have to help me wash up, though~ Would you do that?


Oh! Maybe I’m stronger, but he found some better work out strategy. I’ll have to pester him about it sometime soon. [Alfred grinned, before fixing his face into an imitation of the expressions during serious moments on soap operas.] Don’t worry, my love! I swear I will sweep you off your feet next time. [He grabs one of Feli’s hands, holding it in both of his.] You will not be disappointed! [His expression breaks into another grin.] I’ll leave you wondering how on Earth Americans aren’t viewed as the smoothest mofos on the planet!

Yeah we are! It’s gonna be a blast! [Alfred gave him a thumbs up, hopping over to the door.] You bet your sweet ass I’m ready for lunch! [He opens the door, bowing and gesturing for Feli to leave first.] I’m starving. I hope the wait for the food isn’t super long… I can’t ever remember details like that, no matter how hard I try… I always end up focusing on the food!

[Feli’s startled by the sudden change in Al’s expression, glowing pink and wide-eyed as Al suddenly takes his hands and starts going soap-opera on him. When he catches on, he tries hard not to smile, and responds in an equally dramatic matter.] Oh, amore, you must! For how shall the world know of our love, if you don’t even get me a ring? [He can’t contain his giggles anymore, and laughs, tiptoeing to kiss Al’s cheek.] I don’t know, caro, maybe it’s because your people don’t have the same public romantic flair we do. I can teach you~ [He gives Al a playful wink.]

[He’s charmed by the politeness and he walks out of the room as Al opens the foor for him.] Grazie, Al~ Let’s go eat, before we get too hungry and forget about everything else! [His stomach’s growling a little, and he takes Al’s hand and tugs him along down to the restaurant, eager to get some food in him.]


Yeah! I’ll totally out-buff that guy. Really? You think I’m stronger? Sweet!  I’mma trust your judgement, ‘cause I’ve never really gotten a good look at his body. [Grins and throws him a double thumbs up.] There always needs to be fun and lazing about time!

Yeah! We’ll visit it all! [He ruffles his hair with a laugh for being called ‘amore’.] Of course~ I can’t have you tellin’ people I didn’t give you a ring for our honeymoon, y’know? I’ll really wow you our second go round! [He laughs, wrapping an arm around Feli’s shoulders.]

Totally! I love it, man. I’m pumped to be staying here. [He laughs when Feli hops onto the bed, putting his fists on his hips as he looks around the rest of the room.] It’s gonna be so much fun stayin’ here with you, man! I’m super duper excited.

[Feliciano’s giggling and beaming at him now.] Well, to be fair, I’ve never seen Ludi haul around cars… [He leans happily into the ruffle of his hair, rather delighted with the playful attention, and he laughs.] Then, I’ll be looking forward to that second go-round, tesoro~ You better pull out all the stops, too, make it super romantic. [He’s giggling and leaning into his arm, cuddling up to his side.]

[He loves that he can play around with Al like this, and even flirt, and that things will still be relaxed and easy going. The American really is such lovely company!] Si, si~! We’re going to have so much fun, and do so many things, and see so much stuff, and eat all the food! [He’s a giggling mess on the bed, now, before he sits up and then bounces to his feet.] Speaking of food, wanna go down and finally get some lunch?


Damn. Guess I really need to work out some more. I’ll be bigger than him someday! Normal weights work better anyway. It’s hard not to grab attention if you’re just wanderin’ around draggin’ a car, y’feel me? [Alfred laughs.] Workin’ out all the time would get in the way of all the video game playin’ and lying around, and eating that I wanna do!

You’re right! Let’s do it that way! I like it best. We can stay as long as you want to make sure we hit up all the rides and stuff, so we can take things slow and just lie about a lot, yeah? It’ll be good. [Alfred heaves a huge, heavy, pretend sigh.] Dang~ Sorry, pumpkin! I’ll getcha a great ring for our next honeymoon.

[Alfred beams as he watches Feli running around the room. He laughs and closes the door, walking over to the bed next to the one Feli had claimed, setting his burden down on it instead.] I’m assumin’ you like it, yeah? I’m really glad you’re so happy!

[Feliciano giggles and chirps in response.] Si~ Just keep working at it. Although, it seems like you have more strength in you, even if you’re not as muscular as he is. Normal weights definitely are less noticeable than cars, haha! [He smiles and briefly sidles up to him.] Exactly, we have to make time for fun and lazing around~

Si~ And we can visit all the different parks, so we don’t miss a thing! [He can’t help but turn scarlet when Alfred gives that dramatic sigh and calls him pumpkin, flustered and admittedly charmed, liking the sound of that.] Oh, amore~ You’ll even give me a second honeymoon? [He giggles then, batting his lashes at Al as he snuggles more up to his side.]

It really is so beautiful, though…! I love it already! [He beams up at him, truly and honestly thrilled with the suite, and it’s so cozy and beautiful, and the beds look soft… [He suddenly falls onto the bed, laughing a little and settling down, nuzzling into the quilt.] Yup~ Definitely soft!

Here Comes the Rain (Closed RP)


"He wouldn’t have left if it meant losing contact, I’m certain. I never could paint very well… I tried some when I was very young, I’m told, but I never got the hang of it. I’d like to see some of what you’ve done, if it wouldn’t bother you. You could try just putting them on the walls and see if people ask."

Ludwig nodded, staring into the fire without really seeing it as he pictured his house. “There is a lot of land, yes. The dogs all love it. We have a garden that my brother tends. It used to be bigger, but ah… one of my dogs got into it and tore some of the plants to pieces. Gilbert wasn’t too pleased… But he’s been trained better now—the dog, not my brother. I think we would have to get a cat if we wanted to try more serious crops—maybe get two so it wouldn’t be lonesome surrounded by dogs.”

He stiffened at once when Feliciano leaned on him. Close contact was rarely something he experienced. Forcing himself to relax again, he felt his face heating up and hoped it hadn’t been too noticeable. Not daring to look at his companion, he turned his attention to the window, watching the rain hammering against the glass.

"Aw, I guess painting just sticks with some people and not others. But that just means your talents lie elsewhere~ I bet you’re fantastic at bunches of things- what are your talents?" he chirped curiously, happily cuddling up to Ludwig and enjoying the warmth. "That’s a good idea… I could just hang them up, but I’m afraid no one would give them a second glance, aheh… But if I hung them, would you come by to look?"

Feliciano couldn’t help but laugh at the story about Ludwig’s dog, and replied, “Poor Gil! Which puppy was it? Oh, and if you got two cats, you’d have a lot of pets! I wish I could afford a bunch of them like that, I’ve always wanted a little fluffy puppy.”

He noticed the way Ludwig stiffened, though, and quickly froze himself, preparing to pull away if he was asked to. But then he noticed Ludwig’s body relaxing again, so he relaxed too, and he smiled contentedly and continued his cuddling. “Nn… wow, that storm really is going hard, huh? I wonder if it’ll even stop tonight…”

(Source: felivenezia)


[Alfred grinned as Feli touched his arm.] Yeah! I totally am! Is he bigger than me? I bet he is. Does he drag tanks around during training? I dunno why, but that’s always what I picture. [Laughs and pushes his glasses up his nose.] Yeah, I can. But just ‘cause I can doesn’t mean I wanna do a bunch of lifting all the time, y’know what I mean? 

We’ll do it! It is, yeah. That where you wanna go? [Alfred laughs along with him.] If you love it, I don’t mind doin’ it! But we wouldn’t want you gettin’ lazy~ I do that enough for two people, I’m sure. Maybe we should tell them we are just in case! Although, I’d be a pretty crappy husband for not even getting you a ring.

[When they got to the door, the lady that was leading them indicated the door. Alfred thanked her and as she walked away, he unlocked it, opening it just a crack and grinning at Feliciano.] Ready~? [He pushed the door open dramatically, swinging in with it so he wouldn’t be blocking Feli’s view, but would still be able to hold the door for him.]

Aheh, Ludi is bigger, but you still have plenty of muscles too, so it’s nothing to worry about~ You know, I’m not sure if even Ludi could pull tanks around- maybe if he really had to. But otherwise, I think he prefers normal weights! [He hums after a moment, before laughing.] Si, si, I understand that. It wouldn’t be fun to be doing something all the time, especially not working out.

Si, si! It’s closeby, so we can eat faster, and I’m really hungry. And at least we can laze about together later~ It’s nice getting to relax with friends instead of trying to cram too much into a short time. [He giggles more at the idea of pretending to be newlyweds, and shakes his head.] Si, that’s true. A ring would’ve probably helped, but ah well~ 

[He lights up in excitement when Al makes a big show of opening the door, and the moment he opens it and steps in, Feli rushes in after him, curious and eager to see the inside. The suite is grand and beautiful, and he gasps, hands over his mouth.] I-It’s beautiful…! Dio santo, it’s more amazing than I could’ve thought! [He drops his bags on the first bed he sees, and starts darting around in delight, examining everything.] Look at all this…! Al, look, look! [He’s practically squeaking in delight, eyes shining in pure joy.]